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I chose the Texas Fairing Undertail.  

The quality was great, the fit was perfect, installation was simple, and the taillights are bright.  You can also order it with or without the blinkers.  Skip the blinkers they suck.

The Instructions that came with it  sucked!   I will try to provide some better instructions below.

-This is what came in the mail, along with 4 screws to attach it to the tail.  

-2 of the screws (small self-tapping) are for optional use.  I didn't use them.

-Begin by taking your Rear seat or rear seat cover off.

-Next Remove the Allen head bolts from each side of the tail section. Put them in a safe place.

-Left side is shown.

-With the Rear seat/seat cowl removed, remove the two allen bolts shown at right.

-Underneath the fender there are two pop out type plastic rivets.  These fasten the tail section to the trunk/flap assembly and the whole mess to the subframe.  

-Push in the center pin and remove these.

-Carefully slide the Tail section off the back of the bike.  

-You will need to disconnect the connector for the tail light during this procedure.

-Cut along the dotted line using a Dremel tool.  Some people use the zip cutting bit that looks like a drill bit.  I just used a small medium duty cutting wheel.

-Take your time cutting!!

-Leave the vertical section of the trunk.  

Honey color cheap hair extensions also known as real hair extensions, listening to this name is super sweet, very suitable for the season of love hair extensionsis a combination of brown.

-It will help if you take the blinkers off first.  I know, I know they're on for the picture.  Take my word for, it take 'em off.

-When you are done with this part you should still have a trunk but no mud flap fender.

This is what the fender looked like when I finished the above step.... On The floor... Goodbye Ugly Fender.


-Next, you will need to trim the trunk pan with your dremel.  The instructions that came with it said to cut basically the entire trunk.  I don't think so!

-Push the trunk up tight against the frame.  Then draw a diagonal line as shown at right.  Your goal is to ensure that the bottom of the trunk is above where the undertail will sit.  I used a tire crayon to draw the line.

-Cut along the WHITE lines at right.

-Remove the material that is colored RED at right.

-Leave the material that is colored BLACK (Bottom of trunk).

-When you are done, You will have a plastic flap (bottom of the trunk).


-Your next step is to bend the flap up to close up the hole.

-I used a hair dryer to heat the plastic so it didn't break.  Once I got it bent up I used Duct tape to temporarily hold it.

-I cut a piece of 3/4" Angle aluminum to fit inside the trunk as a permanent hold (See next Picture).

-Attach Aluminum by drilling then screwing from the outside in.  I put 3 screws in the back and 3 in the bottom.

-Notice the cuts in the back of the trunk.  They are to accommodate the Tail lights on the Undertail.

-After the bracket is secured use 2 Part Epoxy (Available at Home Depot) to seal the seams.  

-I spread it on the inside and outside and over the screws to prevent them from rusting.  Get it as smooth as possible.

-Just another view of the epoxied trunk pan, while waiting for it to dry.

-Once the Epoxy is dry, Paint the epoxy with an enamel paint and brush.  I used Flat black enamel and painted the entire trunk.

-Completed and painted trunk pan at right.

-Next Step is to Install the undertail.  Slide the Undertail along the frame, over the front cargo hook bolts.

-It will hit the battery box and slide down under it slightly.

-Plug the Taillights in at this point.

-Next Carefully slide the tail section over the frame and undertail. 

-Two screws are provided to fasten the tail section to the undertail.  The license bracket is held on by those two screws

-At this point you will be adjusting the undertail to get a tight fit.

-I didn't want to drill my undertail yet since I am not sure what kind of blinkers I want to install.  So I snaked the blinker wires through the Cargo hook holes.

-I made a license bracket that holds the license plate and blinkers

-I had a problem during install that prevented me from getting a tight fit.

-Upon inspection it turned out to be one of the screw mounts for the stock Tail light. 

-The little braces that hold the screw mount prevented the undertail from seating correctly.

-A quick 2 minute modification, with a small file, fixed that problem.

-Once installed the finish product looks great.  

-Next step is to install the License bracket if you choose to go that route.


I know, I know cut the cargo hooks off. I just haven't gotten around to it yet.


The undertail really cleans up the back end of the bike


Finally,  When you go to put your rear cowl back on, You may notice that it doesn't fit tight.

There are two ways to fix this. 

1.  Install a rubber hose on the bracket that the cowl attaches to. (I also placed spacer wires on the cowl lock)

2.  You can trim the the height of the rubber pieces that support the cowl/rear seat. (some people remove them all together but I would not recommend doing that).  If you trim them,  do it slowly  a little at a time.

Feedback is always appreciated.

 E-mail me and let me know what you think