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  • If you own a motorcycle, sooner or later you are going to do some work to it.   Maybe that work will be minor or maybe it will be a complete overhaul.   It is hard to find a reliable mechanic so it is always good to be "in the know" yourself.
  • Below is a list of tools that you should or must have.   "Remember, a man's worth is measured by the amount of tools he has". ~My Father~ 



Service Manual Endless Uses, Will save your life someday Must Have
Combination wrenches Bolts and nuts on bike Must have
Screwdrivers Driving screws and drinking Must have
Allen wrenches Most bolts on GSXR are allen type Must have
Oil Drain Pan Cat bowl and draining oil Must have
Oil filter wrench Useless  Pair of channellocks is better Must have
Wire Cutters Bugman mods require this tool Must have
Electrical Tape See Wire Cutters Must have
Pliers (Various Sizes) Grabbing stuff See oil filter wrench Must have
Flashlight Finding dropped bolts Must have
Hacksaw Cutting off Cargo hooks Must have
Dremel tool Cutting Plastic Must have
Rear Stand Everything you do to your bike is made easier with this Nice to have
Front Stand Changing front tire Nice to have
Tube Clamps Pinching gas hoses when removing tank Nice to have
Vice Holding parts while working on them Nice to have
Drill and Bits Drilling holes ...duh Nice to have
Heat Gun Shrinking shrink tubing  Nice to have
Soldering Iron See wire cutters/electrical tape Nice to have
Grinder with buffing wheels Shining up the aluminum stuff you make Nice to have
Air Compressor The sky is the limit Nice to have
Various Cleaning Supplies Various Cleaning uses Nice to have
Jeweler's File Kit. I use this kit almost every time I am doing a modification for filing small parts and holes Nice to have

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