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I knew from the Beginning that I would be putting a full exhaust system on the bike.  It was just a matter of time.   So I went ahead and got the PCIII as a precursor.  

The PCIII basically controls the fuel injector pulses based on throttle position and engine rpm.  You load a map either manually, from dyno runs, or just download one of the pre-made maps (That's what I did).  Whenever you change air flow through the engine, it is important to monitor the combustion process and remap the fuel curve as necessary.  Blue exhaust pipes or white plugs are usually an indication of a lean condition.   Fouled or black plugs could be an indication of a Rich condition.  Back Fire (popping from the intake) or After fire (popping from the Exhaust) could also be an indication of an improper fuel condition.  Either condition can cause shortened engine life.     

Installation instructions are top notch.  Even the biggest tool-o-phobes will be able to install it.   Since the installation guide is so good.  I will not get too detailed on my installation instructions.

 PowerCommander Website

First a little Power Commander theory:


The PCII allows controlling the fuel map on injected bikes and the ignition map on some bikes.   This version of the PC controls the fuel map by adjusting sensed value inputs to the stock ECU.  The ECU then modifies the fuel map.  Dynojet calls this technology "Sensor Offset".  The PCII is used on Gixxers that were manufactured in the first 1/2 of 2001 and before. 

Functional diagram


The PCIII allows controlling the fuel map on injected bikes but NOT the ignition map.  This version of the PC controls the fuel map by intercepting the signal from the ECU to the injectors, altering it, then sending the altered signal to the injectors.  Dynojet calls this technology "Direct Injector Control".  The PCIII is used on Gixxers manufactured after the first 1/2 of 2001. (Except for the 2003 1K which uses the PCIII USB version)

Functional Diagram


The PCIIIr works exactly like the PCIII except it also allows you to alter the ignition timing map.  Altering the ignition curve of the bike can be harmful to the engine if you don't know what you are doing.  The PCIII should be sufficient unless you are racing your bike.  Even then make sure you know what you are doing.


All of the above PC used a 16bit processor.  The PCIII USB is designed to be compatible with the new 32bit processor on the 2003 GSXR1000.  It Uses the same method of controlling the fuel map as the PCIIIs.  I am not sure if the PCIII USB allows adjustment of the ignition map.  It looks like it might.  Someone will have to e-mail me and tell me.

My Installation:

I don't have a picture of what came in the box, so I'll just tell you.  

  1. PowerCommander unit (Shown at right)

  2. CD which contained just about everything available on the PowerCommander website, including all available maps.  The version of the software on the CD was old but you can download the newest version of PCIII software from The PC website.

  3. A Serial Cable

  4. Stickers

  5. Velcro to attach the PC to your trunk

  6. Excellent Installation instructions

I used computer wire organizers to hold the PCIII cable where I routed it.  This helped to keep the cable from getting tangled up with anything I might put in my trunk and just looks more professional.  I got them at Radio Shack for about $1.50 for 6.  The sticky back is very sticky so I used some contact cement to secure them in place.

I routed the cable out of the trunk on the left side of the bike.  Then I fastened it to the Main wiring harness with tie wraps.

There is a slot on the left side of the trunk that the cable fits quite nicely through.

The Connector to which the PCIII connects is located under the tank on the left side next to the frame.  (Shown at right,  Next to the Gear Position Switch connector for the TRE).

This thing is a Mother to take apart by yourself.  An extra set of hands helps immensely.  Just pry the tab using a small screw driver and pull apart.  

Once apart plug the male plug of the PCIII into the female plug on the bike and the female plug of the PCIII into the male plug on the bike.

Impossible to mess up this step.

FAQs about the PCIII

Does the bike have to be running to load a map?

Yes,  the Injector circuit powers down after a few seconds if the bike is not running.  Unless you have the 9 volt power adapter kit available from Dynojet.

If I have a PCIII do I need a TRE?

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As stated above,  the PCIII does not allow remapping the ignition curve so you will benefit from doing the tre mod.  If you have a PCIIIr you could in theory eliminate the need for a TRE but again if you don't know what you are doing you can damage your engine messing with the ignition timing.

What does the LED bar Indicate?

The LED bar indicates throttle position in the normal operating mode.  If you are using one of the High, Medium, or Low buttons to fine tune the PCIII,  the LEDs will indicate the rich or lean setting.  Each LED represents a 2% change.

Does using the buttons to fine tune change the map?

No,  The button settings alter the signal being sent to the Injectors. The map remains unchanged.

Will the button changes go back to 0 (middle) If I reload a map?

Yes,  Reloading a map zeros the high, medium and low fine tuning.

PowerCommander FAQ page


Handy Links

Selecting a Map (pdf file)

Sales Guide (pdf file with lots of good info in it.)

PCIII Map downloads  GSXR 600750 / 1000

All Maps for all bikes

Feedback is always appreciated.

 E-mail me and let me know what you think