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  • Necessity is the mother of invention.  I installed my Texas Fairing Undertail and wasn't really sure what kind of rear blinkers I wanted.   Of course I still wanted to be able to ride.    I didn't want to drill the undertail until I was absolutely sure of the blinkers so I came up with this little gadget to hold me over.   
  • Werkes Fender eliminator does the same thing for about $145  Or you can spend $5 dollars and have this.


Before we get started, you will need a few tools:

  • Hacksaw and or Dremel.   (A Dremel makes this so much easier.)

  • Drill and Assorted bits

  • Vice or two pairs of pliers (To bend the aluminum)

  • Sandpaper                        (Progressively finer grit)

  • Hammer                            (This is to assist in shaping)

  • A Medium duty File           (For shaping)

  • Magic Marker                    Marking cuts


Not much to buy:
  • 3ft angle aluminum  1" size  (I think 3 ft is the smallest you can get)     about $3.00
  • 1 package JBweld or equivalent 2 part metal epoxy.                            about $2.00

The good thing about aluminum is that it is very easy to work with and polish.



Let's Build this puppy:
  1. Cut a piece of angle aluminum  8 and 3/4 inches long (Put the rest aside for "do overs")

  1. Make 1 inch cuts on each end of the angle aluminum on the face that will touch the license plate.
    • A Dremel will make this job a lot easier.  
    • Use a heavy duty cutting wheel. and take your time

  1. Fold the flaps you just created (with the 1" cuts) under the top until they are a 90 degree bend.
    • I used a vice to get a perfect bend.
    • Then I peened it with a hammer to get the final shape.

  1. Now just Use JBweld to epoxy the flap to the top piece and let set up (Takes about 24 hours)

  1. Once the JB weld hardens it is time to start to shape the top. 
    • Trace a bottle cap(or something else that is round and has a diameter of ~1"). 
    • Use your Dremel to cut the ends round.
    • The file and sandpaper can be used to get the final shape.

  1. Using your license plate as a template, center the license plate on the bracket and mark where the holes should be.
    • Use the smallest bit you can get your hands on to drill a tap hole.  
    • Use a 1/4 " bit and re-drill through the tap hole. 
    • The tap hole keeps you from jumping around with 1/4" drill bit.

  1. Next Hold the bracket up to the undertail where it will be mounted and mark where those holes should be.
    • Use the smallest bit you can get your hands on to drill a tap hole.  
    • Use a 1/4 " bit and re-drill through the tap hole. 
    • I actually elongated the hole for adjustability.  (As shown)

  1. Use the Blinkers to determine where the side holes should be.
    • The hole should be low enough on the side to allow the blinker to rotate some.
    • The hole should be far enough back to allow the blinker to be behind the license plate.
    • Use tap hole and 1/4" bit to drill these holes. 

  1. Final Step
    • Sand this masterpiece using progressively finer grit sandpaper.
    • Finally buff it or paint it and 
    • Voila 5 dollar fender eliminator.
    • Install!!

    Finished Product at right and below

Feedback is always appreciated.

 E-mail me and let me know what you think