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Electronic background on me.  

I spent a total of 12 years in the Naval Nuclear Power program as an electronics/electrical technician.  2 years in schools studying Electronic, Electrical, Reactor, Chemical, Material and stress, and Mechanical theory. 

After school I spent another year learning to apply the above principles on an operating nuclear power plant and it's supporting equipment.  

I was stationed aboard a Submarine (USS Lafayette, One of the oldest in the fleet.  Everything broke)  After my tour aboard the Lafayette,  I returned to school to teach the theory and practical skills that I had gained.

After teaching for 3 years, I returned to another submarine (USS Maine, the newest in the fleet at the time).

I stayed on that ship from initial manning (building the ship in Groton Ct.) until the end of my career.

Throughout my career I attended many classes including Advanced Electronic Theory, Circuit Design, Advanced Soldering, and Advanced Troubleshooting and Repair of Solid State Equipment.

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